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Building a Home: 5 Upgrades Worth the Spend

Posted In Home owner tips & tricks at November 12, 2019

If you’re thinking of building a home or already in the process, You will get the most value from these 5 upgrades. Keep in mind upgrades cost more and add to the principal of your home loan but they can be very attractive to buyers and add value to your home. Cabinetry Upgrade cabinetry if […]

Prepare For The Unexpected: Ten Tips For New Home Owners

Posted In Home owner tips & tricks at October 10, 2019

Buying a new-construction home offers a lot of benefits but a few potential challenges as well. Here some homeowner tips and tricks to help you prepare for the unexpected, make your transition smoother and save you money later. 1. Don’t Start Large Projects… Yet Your home is new and completely functional and home improvement projects […]